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Friday, 24 January 2014

Extreme Weather - Whale Cove Style

The weather here in Whale Cove can be quite treacherous but also very exciting! Last weekend there was a wind chill of about -56 degrees Celsius. This may not sound that exciting but not many people can say that they have experienced this type of cold. At this temperature exposed skin can freeze within minutes. I experienced this a number of times last year from not dressing appropriately, I thought a homemade scarf would protect my whole face. I finally gave in to the less stylish apparel when I got frostbite for the fifth time.  This year I wear a balaclava, a fleece neck-warmer and goggles if I am braving the cold for longer than three minutes. When you are outside in -56 degree weather you might also experience such side effects as frosted/frozen eyelashes, loss of breath and frozen nostrils. One must dress appropriately! 

Southerners might feel that wearing fur is distasteful and cruel but these are people that have not experienced -56. Having fur on my hood is something that has also saved me from frostbite this year. I don’t know what it does but it works. I have also found that the sealskin mitts are warmer than any mitts I have bought from a store. The Inuit have been surviving in the harsh environment of the north for centuries; I don't think they use fur because they think it looks nice, they have been using it for centuries because it serves a purpose.

It's Friday today and I am not at work because a badass blizzard has hit the Kivalliq region. I thought I knew what a blizzard was but I had no idea. I cannot see past my front porch. If someone were to walk outside they would surely become lost and be in danger of freezing to death. We are running low on water  because the water truck has not been able to get to anyone’s house to fill up their tanks and thus we must use some old water conservation tricks (if it’s yellow let it mellow…), washing the dishes is a no no (lucky for Alex haha) and showering is out of the question. The blizzard is supposed to end tonight, however, there is a possibility that it will last all weekend. So buckle down my fellow Kivalliq northerners we may be in for a long weekend!

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  1. Hi Hailey,
    I hope all is well. I was thinking about you today (when I was complaining how cold it was here today......I guess we should consider ourselves lucky). Try to stay warm.