Teacher in Whale Cove, Nunavut

Monday, 20 January 2014

Health Kick

Staying healthy in the north can be challenging at times. It is hard to find fresh fruits and veggies and any natural product like almond milk, hemp seeds etc. It is too cold to go outside and exercise for the most part and Whale Cove does not have a fitness gym.  One has to be motivated and creative in order to stay fit. 

 Last year I would play sports after school once or twice a week and participate in my Phys Ed class in order to keep in shape. If I was feeling motivated I would ride our stationary bike. I thought I was keeping in shape to the best of my ability. 

This semester Alex and I want to really focus on becoming more healthy, getting/keeping in shape and getting stronger. We are planning on participating in a mountaineering course in Alberta this summer and I want to be able to fully participate in the course without feeling like I want to die! (Kilimanjaro was a eye opened for my lack of length strength and endurance). So we have started to start our mornings off with smoothies, almonds for snack, light lunch and a healthy dinner. Alex is pretty good at working out independently however, I need a little bit more motivation. I started the Focus T25 workout program last Wednesday, I have done each 25 minute workout everyday since Wednesday and my body feels pretty sore but it feels great! It's only 25 minutes so its hard to talk myself out of it which I love haha because I am pretty good at doing that when it comes to working out. The workout also does not require alot of room. Sean T is the who leads the work outs and he is super motivating and I often find myself talking back to him during the work out. Anyways I have lost 5 pounds since this new health kick so if anyone is looking to shed some of the holiday pounds give this program a try - Focus T25. 

Niya is doing her stretches, getting ready to focus with Sean T! 


  1. I talk back to Shaun too... no more squats Shaun T!

  2. I like to repeat: Don't run from the work, feel the work!!! It always makes giggle when he says it cause boy am I running at that point.