Teacher in Whale Cove, Nunavut

Friday, 7 February 2014

Out of The Darkness

The sun in Whale Cove is gracing us with her presence longer each day now. I can walk to school at 8:30 am without depending on the street lights to guide me. When the sun starts to rise higher in the sky the vibe in the community shifts. People are happier, more positive and more energetic.

I can definitely say that my energy level has increased lately. I place the blame on the sun and T25. Doing the T25 workouts after a hectic day at work can put me in a much better mood and I am starting to see the results! Alex is thinking about getting his soccer team to do some of the workouts that T25 offers to get them in shape for an upcoming tournament.

We haven't really been able to get out the land in the past while. We've been busy with fundraising, course work and trying to give our best at the school and the weather has not been the greatest. So when we did get to out on a hike with the dogs it felt like such a relief. The dog's loved it and we enjoyed escaping from our busy lifestyles. I was able to capture some of the snow drifts that our past few blizzards created. Enjoy!

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