Teacher in Whale Cove, Nunavut

Thursday, 12 September 2013

The Barge has arrived!

 Our first barge order arrived on Tuesday! Everyone in the community was very excited to wake up and see the ship in the harbour. I had to get up and go straight to the dock to sign for our order and then a loader followed me back up to the house and dropped off our big box of stuff! We rushed home at lunch to open the big wooden box and get started on unpacking. However, it proved to be quite difficult to open so we had to wait to borrow a sledge hammer off of someone. We opened it after school. It was a little like Christmas unpacking everything that we had bought 6 weeks ago. Some of the stuff we unpacked we thought "why did we buy this?" (like the 6 huge jars of jam???). That day we spent in Winnipeg shopping for our barge order was crazy stressful, I think our minds were a little out of sorts that day. I bought 5 lamps from IKEA, but they are all completely different, not one matches the other... I don't know what I was thinking. Other than all of the 'what was I thinking' stuff, we did buy alot of useful thing. We have lots of cereal and pasta and peanut butter, sauces, popcorn, dog food etc. hopefully it will last us all year because as I'm sure you have heard grocery prices in the north can be a bit ridiculous.

It's my 24th birthday this weekend! I am very excited. Alex and I are planning on going out on the land Saturday and then ending off the night with a little get together with some close friends. Stay tuned for pictures from the weekend!

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