Teacher in Whale Cove, Nunavut

Friday, 4 October 2013

Ice ice baby!

Winter is on the horizon in Whale Cove. The water is starting to freeze and we had our first snowfall on  Tuesday night. Temperatures are dropping below zero and the days are getting shorter.

Last weekend Whale Cove hosted an annual floor hockey tournament. Whale Cove has some amazing athletes so it was quite the competition. Floor hockey can get pretty rough, but luckily there was no injuries. Alex played with some of the older guys, his team wasn't doing to well on saturday, however they came back and won the tournament!

We welcomed a new addition into our house on Friday evening. A white husky pup! She is only 5 weeks old, we decided to take her so early because we didn't want to risk leaving her out in the cold when her brothers and sisters had already been picked up by their new owners. She has grown so much since last Friday, the first few days she ate and slept and cried, but her personality is definitely starting to show. We named her Niya, it means sister in inuktitut. Qimmik is great with her and he now has a new friend to play with.

School life is going great. Inuglak school girls soccer team will be going to a 15 and under tournament in Rainkin in a couple of weeks, we have a ping pong team travelling to Iqaluit in November and we will also hopefully be sending a badminton team to Iqaluit in November. It is exciting to see so many after school sports happening as so many students look forward to these activities.

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