Teacher in Whale Cove, Nunavut

Monday, 2 September 2013

Its officially fall in the Cove

Happy Long weekend!

It has been very busy here at Inuglak School in Whale Cove. We were short staffed for the first three weeks, so I was running around planning for two different classes and also planning for my own classes. It has been stressful but rewarding. Things have started to set into place, new teachers have been hired and the students are starting to get back into the groove of school.

This weekend Alex and I headed out to the mouth of the river, which is about 2 hours north of Whale Cove by ATV. We strapped a rubber made tote on to the back and placed Qimmik in it so that he could come with us. This worked out quite well and Qimmik loved it. It was great to get out and the scenery was beautiful. We watched the sunset, read, cooked some hot dogs by coleman stove and stayed over in our friends cabin. When we went out to let Qimmik out before bed we were mesmerized by the northern lights. I have seen them here a bunch of times but I have seen them as beautiful as the were last night, I only wish I had a camera that could capture them.

6 Beluga Whales were caught last week. The whole school went down to watch the whales being harvested. The inuit culture is based on sharing. All the meat that was harvested was given to people in the community. Whoever wanted some could come and pick some up.

The land is started to change colours, the berries are out and the ground is turning from green to red. Canadian geese and snow geese are preparing to migrate, it's an amazing sight to see so many geese in the sky.

We received some caribou last night from a family that had just finished cutting the meat. I am roasting in the oven right now, I better go check on it!

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