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Monday, 5 August 2013

Back in the Cove

Greetings from Whale Cove!

I headed off to Winnipeg on July.28th to begin barge shopping. A number of northerners stock up on dry goods, home appliances, etc. in winnipeg and have all of this stuff shipped up on a barge. It was our first time doing a barge shop so it was all new to us. We spent about 2 hours in Costco filling 6 carts worth of stuff that will last us a full year, some of the necessities we collected were: olive oil, dog food, granola bars, Quinoa and lots and lots of pasta sauce! After that we headed over to Ikea for a 'quick shop' which turned into an hour and a half shop. IKEA can be very time consuming! We only had 1 full shopping day to purchase all of our necessities, which proved to be not enough time. After we filled our Ford escape rental we headed over to Arctic Connections. Arctic Connections is a family ran business geared at shipping up food, appliances, ATVs, home decor, basically anything you need to the north. They also take care of barge orders. All we had to do was back up our ford escape to a loading area, and Arctic Connections took care of the rest, they package everything up and put into a crate ready for the sea lift. Arctic Connections also let us know that if we needed any last minute shopping they would do it for us and throw the purchased items onto the barge - This has been great! When I arrived in Whale Cove there was a number of things that I didn't think of getting so I definitely am relieved at how flexible Arctic Connections has been. It was a stressful 2 days in Winnipeg but a very successful 2 days!

We arrived in Whale Cove on August.30th, we were greeted by friends and students, it felt like a very warm welcome back. Within minutes of arriving at our house students were knocking on the doors eager to shake our hands and welcome us back :) The next day and a half we focused on getting our house in order (Alex and I moved into a different house at the end of the year last year). School started on August.1st for staff. Thursday and Friday were spent preparing classrooms and meeting with the new principle and staff. It seems like it is going to be a great year for Inuglak School!

This weekend we went out fishing with friends, we didn't catch anything but it was great to get out on the land and Qimmik (my dog) had a blast! We had so much fun that we are now seriously considering flying up a ATV for ourselves so that we are able to get out on the land more often, just have to think of a way to bring Qimmik along with us!

School starts tomorrow! I am eager to start another great year in Whale Cove, so far its off to an excellent start! :):)

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