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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Last week of November

I have been told that the last two weeks of November are the most challenging for new teachers in Whale Cove. I can relate to that now. I have been exhausted the last couple of days, luckily the students have been awesome. However, everyone wants and needs Christmas break. Next week will be challenging for the students to keep on task with their review while other students will be doing Christmas crafts and getting ready for the Christmas concert the following week, but they'll get through it.

The roommates and I have been homebodies lately. Our weekend and nights consist of playing call of duty (video game) and watching Sons of Anarchy and knitting... oh and writing Christmas cards. It hasn't been warmer than -40 and all the polar bear tags are gone and there have been polar bear warnings in the community - those are our excuses for staying inside.

This weekend will look a little different for me, Ill be writing up exams and reviews and cleaning up the classroom for the teacher that will be sharing this classroom with me next semester. Busy, busy!

Whale Cove has quite a bit of snow now and the ice on the Hudson has totally froze up. It is beautiful walking to school with the sun rising.

Thats all for now!

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