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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

1st semester is winding down

First semester is starting to wind down at Inuglak school. In the highschool we only have 2 more weeks of regular classes, 1 week of review and then 1 week of exams. We have had 2 blizzard days in the last 5 days. Waking up to the phone ringing on a school day is the best feeling, because it means sleeping in and movies all day. There is alot of snow in Whale Cove now, there are some snow drifts up to my waist.

I am getting very anxious to go home for christmas holidays! However, I still have alot to do at the school before that can happen. I need to prepare the students for their exams, write out their exams, plan a christmas concert, mark their exams and create their report cards. Very busy!! So I'm sure these next 4 weeks will fly by!

Another Polar Bear was caught the other day, this one was much smaller than the other one I saw. It was much younger and skinnier. The polar bears are hanging around because they are waiting for the hudson bay to freeze over. There is ice around the shore but it has still not totally froze over yet.

I miss having Qimmik up here so much. I hope I can bring him back up after christmas!

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