Teacher in Whale Cove, Nunavut

Monday, 1 October 2012

Nunavut's first ever track and field meet

This weekend was awesome! The kid's got to try out track and field event's and they did really well. Friday night was the 100m and 60m hurdles. All of my girls placed and most of my guys placed as well. Saturday was discus, shot put and the 2k run for the girls and high jump, long jump and 2k run for the guys. I spent most of my time watching the girl events. Alot of the girls did not want to try anything at first, but once they tried and saw how good they were at it they loved it! The 2k run (or walk for me) was great and one of the boys won first place!! (Yay Whale Cove). The third day the girls competed in the high jump, long jump and 400m race. One of our girls won first place in high jump with a 1m 15cm jump. I competed against the other girl teachers and won first place :) I stopped jumping at 1m10cms, didnt want to push it! Next was the long jump, and we got first place again! The students were amazing, they showed up at every event on time and they all participated, Whale Cove has an amazing group of kids! All the students got medals and tshirts and reusable water bottles.

I also found out this weekend that the Basketball tournament for this year may possibly be in March in Iqaluit! Very exciting news!

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