Teacher in Whale Cove, Nunavut

Monday, 10 September 2012

Living the high life in Baker Lake

I arrived in Baker Lake around 3pm today for my week of seminars. Flying in was amazing. There is so much unoccupied land out there it's surreal. Baker Lake is a lot bigger than Whale Cove. It was weird seeing so many vehicles driving around. Most people in whale cove get around by foot or by honda.  Baker Lake has TWO stores. That's one more than Whale Cove. The Northern Store and the Co-op. The Northern Store was such a treat to shop in today. There was juice for sale that did not come in powder form, there was cheese and yogurt, it was spectacular to see again. However, the prices were not very nice to see. I was about to buy a new movie, then I noticed it was $50.00. I was also excited to see grapefruit juice, then I noticed it was $18.00. Needless to say I only window shopped.

Tonight I am enjoying some T.V and juice. Both things I have not had in a while :)

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