Teacher in Whale Cove, Nunavut

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Awesome start to the long weekend!

Friday the highschool students and staff went on a land trip. We all took honda's (and two trucks) to a Lake outside of the community. We got the kids fed and then started to fish. However, the fish were not biting because the summer has pretty much ended in Whale Cove and the fish have swam down to deeper water. One student did manage to catch a small Lake Trout. The weather wasn't great, but we stayed out all day and the students had a blast! When the fishing wasn't working out we berry picked (blue berries and cloud berries - so tasty).

Pictures from Friday! Ill add more from today soon!

If you are going out on the land in Whale Cove you need to make sure you carry a rifle or are with someone that carries a rifle. We brought an RCMP officer (Stephanie) and a Conservation Officer (Steve) with us. Steve spends 3-4 days out on the land and invited me with him out goose hunting today. So today he picked me up at 8am and we spent the day looking for geese (Canadian and Snow), visiting the mine and fishing. Steve shot a canadian goose and caught a Lake Trout so we cooked those up over the fire and it was delish!! I had an awesome day and I learned alot about the wildlife here. Next weekend I might be able to go Caribou hunting :)

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