Teacher in Whale Cove, Nunavut

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Ups and Downs

Today was an interesting day. I was given some guidance on what curriculum I should be using for my classes so that helped. And I am starting to get to know the students more and more each day. Alot of students came to my room at the end of the day just to talk. This made me feel alot better. I was feeling kind of down before lunch because there had been negative talk about the amount of white teachers in the school etc. (I wont get into the details on the web - but just keep in mind most of the people in Whale Cove are extremely welcoming and friendly ). So the amount of students that came into my room to talk to me, to get to know me and to share some things about themselves kind of brightened my day. Alot of the students have told me that they have not received enough support in the past to graduate and that if they only have the opportunities they would be able to graduate participate in team sports etc. So I want to be that teacher who provides the students with support and opportunity. I learned today that there is a number of people in Whale Cove that suffer from hearing loss because ear infections are very common here and they don't get treated therefore, the infections get so bad and it results in hearing loss - I have at least 5 students that have a hard time hearing. We also had a staff meeting yesterday and I have been given the opportunity to coach girls and boys basketball and run a leadership club! :)

 I was given my inuit name today - Nattiq. I am learning more and more of the language everyday! I talked to the RCMP officer today about getting a fishing licence so hopefully that will happen before the weekend so that I can go fishing!! Today I picked some wild blueberries and they were delish!

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