Teacher in Whale Cove, Nunavut

Thursday, 25 September 2014


I have been very lucky to have my family come visit me in Whale Cove. My mom and dad came up for labour day weekend, it was there first time seeing the community not covered in snow and ice. I was able to take them out on the land and they got to see all the beautiful colours and wildlife the Nuna has to offer in the Autumn. My parents were lucky enough to see some Sandhill Cranes, Arctic Swans, an Arctic Fox and the whale hunt! Something else exciting but dangerous happened that weekend. A Polar Bear had been hanging around the community the previous week and on the Sunday of the long weekend it strolled right through town. The bear came pretty close to two young girls standing on the porch of the Co-op, the bear kept sniffing at the steps; however, it was luckily chased away. The bear then walked right by our house. We were non the wiser and Qimmik and Niya did not start barking until people started flooding past our place to chase the bear out of town.

My sister visited Whale Cove this past weekend for the first time. I was so happy she arrived without any delay. The morning she was scheduled to come in the fog was so thick that I could not see 500 feet in front of the house. Luckily it cleared in time for her plane to land. The weather is so unpredictable in Nunavut, more often than not planes are delayed or cancelled. People say if you hope to much for a plane to come in, it won't come in so it's best not to think about it. So I tried not to stress to much about it and she arrived right on schedule! It's always nice showing visitors around Whale Cove. My sister was wonderstruck with how welcoming everyone was in the community. I took Devon out on the land Saturday, it wasn't the nicest day out but we spotted some Arctic Swans with their ugly ducklings, one very curious Arctic Fox and an Arctic Hare.


I am so grateful to have had my family come to experience Whale Cove. Flights in the North are extremely expensive and dare I say over priced. A 15 minute flight from Rankin Inlet to Whale Cove can sometimes cost up to $400 one way. Therefore, one can imagine how much it must cost to take a family to Winnipeg and back from Whale Cove. I can go to Cuba and stay at a 5 star all inclusive resort for the amount it would cost me to fly one way to Toronto.