Teacher in Whale Cove, Nunavut

Friday, 30 May 2014


Spring came early in Whale Cove this year! It has been beautiful here for the past couple of weeks. Temperatures hovering around 6-10 degrees Celsius. Everyone has acquired a mad sun glass tan. It is very easy to tan here!

It has been another busy month here. Alex and I took 18 students to Nunavut's capital for an under 13 soccer tournament. We were in Iqaluit for about a week for only a 2 and half day tournament. We were there for so long because of flight schedules. We stayed in a hotel 4 or 5 kids to a room, the hotel gave us a discount thankfully. I asked the lady at the desk how much it would be to stay regularly and she said $250.00 a night PER PERSON!

The kids had a blast in Iqaluit and were pretty successful at the tournament. The boys placed third and the girls placed second. They were pretty pleased with themselves

When we returned to Whale Cove, the snow had almost disappeared. Spring came fast and fierce and the dogs loved it. I think Qimmik had seasonal depression because he is so much happier now that it's warm out and the sun is shining.

Graduation happened Tuesday night in Whale Cove. We had 7 graduates for the 2014 school year. It was a pretty emotional ceremony. Some of the students that graduated were my first students here in Whale Cove, I will miss seeing them in the hallways!

Alex and I make the first lag of our trip home today. Wish us luck with our flights!

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