Teacher in Whale Cove, Nunavut

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Back in the cove!

I arrived back in Whale Cove on Sunday. We were lucky to make it. Ottawa airport was so backed up with having to de ice all their planes so we ended up being delayed an hour or so. We made it to Winnipeg 5 minutes before our flight closed their gates! When we got on to the first air flight heading to Rankin it was like stepping into another world. Everyone knew eachother, the flight attendants were extremely friendly and there just seemed to be a very positive energy on the plane. Alex did mention that by stepping onto the plane we lost our anonymity. On our air Canada flight we were anonomous to the crew and to the people around us; this was not the case on the first air flight. We were part of the northern community.

We arrived home around 3ish and we were greeted by our two very excited pups! Niya has doubled her size and her and qimmik are even more inseparable as they were before. 

The first day back to school was great, the students shook my hand to wish me a happy new year. The skeptical students were the happiest to see us. It is not uncommon for teachers to not return after Christmas therefore many students are more skeptical than others when t comes to teacher commitment.

Second day of the new school year - blizzard!!! Today I am relaxing and making chilli. It is a blustery -55 with the wind chill so I wanted to make something to warm us up. 

I hope everyone's first few days back to work were not to stressful! 

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