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Monday, 28 October 2013

Travelling in the North

It has been a very busy couple of weeks with report cards, thanksgiving, sport practices/ tournaments and halloween preparations.

Thanksgiving weekend I was supposed to fly out to Toronto to attend my cousins wedding in the Muskoka's; however, things did not go as planned. I followed the weather all week, and all week it called for a beautiful sunny day (perfect flying weather) - the night before my departure date, the weather turned to cloud coverage and fog, by 2pm the next day I could not see across the road because the fog was so thick. So by 3:30pm my flight was cancelled, the joys of travelling in the north. Flights in the north can be cancelled due to high winds, fog, snow, blizzards, ice on the runways and even if it is a clear day your flight may be cancelled because of mechanical issues. The planes that fly up here are quite old. So I missed a beautiful wedding and celebrating with my family and I also missed my sister's birthday. So after learning that my flight was cancelled I went to the co-op and bought what I needed for a thanksgiving dinner, this included a $50.00 turkey!! I was extremely disappointed that I could not be there for the wedding but I made the best of it and my family sent me lots of pictures and videos of the wedding :)

Last weekend Alex and I flew to Rankin for a soccer tournament. Alex coaches the Whale Cove girls soccer team and has put in a great deal of effort with developing their skills. We came third over all - however, the tournament was not very well set up and our team should have came in second if they counted wins and loses. Indoor soccer is very popular in Nunavut and the tournaments are really intense. Each game was a nail biter! The girls did really well and the whole community was very proud of them, our little community of 500 won 4 out of 5 games and won against communities that are much bigger than ours.

It was nice to visit Rankin for a weekend -unlike Whale Cove, Rankin has restaurants and TIM HORTONS!! So we were able to enjoy some good meals and some coffee and donuts! Rankin also has two stores, therefore the prices are lower than in Whale Cove because of competition, so we picked up some yogurt and fruit and veggies and puppy food to bring home with us. We brought our new puppy with us to Rankin. She got lots of attention my the flight attendants on the plane. She was too little to put in cargo and we didn't have a kennel small enough to put her under the seat soooo we put her in a small bag under our seat - the benefits of flying in the north!

The weather looks pretty nasty for the next couple of days, I foresee a blizzard in the near future!

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