Teacher in Whale Cove, Nunavut

Monday, 22 April 2013

Warmer weather

It is definitely spring in Whale Cove. The days are getting longer the sik sik are starting to come up out of hibernation and the weather is getting alot warmer. The highs are usually between -6 and -13 degrees Celsius. To people down south that might sound cold but up here it feels like you could walk around with a light jacket. I have retired the wind pants, balaclava and parka for the year. I think we had our last blizzard of the season a couple weeks ago. During the blizzard we ran out of water for about 24 hours. We had to melt snow and ice to flush the toilet etc. The days are also getting much longer, the sun rises at around 6am and sets at around 9pm. I feel more affected by the constant sunlight now than i ever felt about the darkness. I feel like I need to keep the blinds shut alot of the time because the sun is so bright. 

The arena in Whale Cove is shutting down this week, The ice freezes naturally so now that its warmer its taking to long to re-freeze after the Zamboney goes over it. I don't know what all the hockey guys will do now without the ice. I have started to run 5K 2 -3 times a week - depending on the weather. It's pretty cool running on a road that still has snow and ice on it. 

Things at the school are starting to wind down. 30 more days left! We have got some fun days planned for the students - sliding day/picnic out on the land, talent show, sports day. We aslo have two long weekends in May so the weeks are going to start to speed up. 

Today is Earth Day, so we are doing a mini assembly followed by a school walk. A good way to start off a Monday! 

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