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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Spring is in the air

Last weekend was a pretty grey weekend. A blizzard started friday night and did not clear till Sunday morning. It was the worst one I have seen up here yet. I could barely see across my street. Therefore, we could not get out of the house which made us a bit mopey. A young guy from the community lost his way out on the land coming back from Rankin Friday night and was not found till early Sunday morning. Luckily he was okay, he slept is his Qammutik and waited for help. It would be so easy to lose your way out on the sea ice.

Sunday afternoon turned out to be beautiful. -20 degrees Celsius feels nice and warm here. Alex and I went out for a long walk and took some amazing pictures. This week has been nice so far as well. Spring does bring with it one downfall. The days are getting longer and warmer and therefore, the kids stay out late and go to bed late and show up to school exhausted!!

March has been a long month, it felt like it was never going to get warm here so the fact that the temperatures are getting higher has lifted my spirits. Soon we will get to go ice fishing and sliding (tobogganing). Easter is next weekend and we get Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. A 5 day weekend which is very needed.

I recently found a new company to order food from - Arctic Buying Company. So far they have been great, they are located in Winnipeg and I sent them a list of what I needed (fish, meat, etc.) and they go to Costco or other grocery stores and pick up the best stuff that I wanted for the best price and then send it up to Whale Cove. I am supposed to be getting this stuff in today or tomorrow so I will let you know if it ended up to good to be true!

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