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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Blizzard days

This week seems like it will be our first 5 day week since we've been back. Inuglak School had 3 blizzard days in the past two weeks, we've definitely been spoiled. The weather this week is a balmy
-25 degrees celsius, it seems so warm.

A typical blizzard days starts off by receiving a phone call letting you know that school is cancelled (It is such an awesome feeling) then going back to sleep till early afternoon. I usually go for a walk in the later afternoon, just to see how bad the blizzard actually is. Qimmik is getting used to the cold now, I took him out in a couple of the blizzards and I think that toughened him up a bit because now he gets very excited when he thinks he's going for a walk.

Last week I purchased my first pair of Kamiks (Seal skin boots), I love them - stay tuned for pictures.

The Co-op has been out of mile for 3 weeks now and out of eggs for at least 2 weeks. I can live without milk but for those who need it for their coffee or tea every morning, this must be tough on them.

My roommate (Alex) and I had an awesome Saturday. We went for a walk out on the ice and took some amazing pictures. When we were walking home we noticed that the sun and clouds had created an inukshuk in the sky, I was lucky enough to capture it in a picture. We then went down to the hall to play some games for the anti-smoking campaign. Then we went to public skate with the kids. Public skate was so fun and the kids were really excited about us being there. All in all it was a great day.

That is all for now stay tuned for some more pictures.

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