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Tuesday, 23 October 2012


I finally have received my moving stuff! After 8 weeks of waiting, it has arrived! So last night I spent the night unpacking and decorating the house. It was like christmas, because I had forgotten what I had packed.

Last weekend we had a yoga workshop at the school, so that kind of took up my weekend. Friday night we played bingo (jackpot was $3000), No luck with Bingo yet! Saturday night I played community basketball again. It was a lot of fun; however, I do have quite a few bruises from playing with and against mainly boys.

My boys basketball team at the school is improving greatly, I have a new assistant coach that knows a lot about the sport and is helping out a great deal. Now the boys want to practice 2 hours after school on thursday and 2 hours on Sunday, busy busy. Report cards were handed out on Friday, it's a relief to get those out of the way! Parent Teacher interviews tonight.

The weather has been up and down here, windy and snowy and very very grey! So I have been knockin back the vitamin D. I have bought two pairs of seal skin mitts, they are very very warm; however, they still smell like seal. I've been trying to air them out for the past week! Seal skin is water proof so they'll be good for snowboarding back home as well! I still need to buy some carvings. Also, I may start learning how to make a parka :)

Jakes coming up to visit on Friday! The weather is supposed to be nice so I'm praying everything runs smoothly with the flight and he arrives on time!

Thats all for now! <3

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  1. Coaching is a such a great way to get involved with students and the community! I coached a boys indoor soccer team for a few years up in Arctic Bay and they won gold medals in their division the one year.....the first ones any team from that school had ever won inspite of all the challenges and negativity (even from other educated adults who really should have known better!) It was one of the highlights of my 6 years up there and the boys wore those medals proudly for weeks and months afterwards!