Teacher in Whale Cove, Nunavut

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween in Whale

Last weekend Jake visited Whale Cove. It was an amazing weekend! All his flights went smoothly and he arrived on time on Friday. Last Friday was the coldest I have experienced in Whale Cove yet. So Jake definitely got a taste of the Arctic. It was a really cold and windy weekend so Jake and I hibernated in the house for most of the weekend, watching movies and snuggling <3 He left on Monday ( very sad and hard to say goodbye.. again!)

Today was Halloween! I dressed up as a hippy and spent the morning creating a haunted hallway with the students. I also brought in face paint for the students, so alot of the girls had fun with that. After lunch the highschool students the junior high and elementary students through their haunted hallway, it was a big hit! Then we had a costume competition in front of the school. There was some amazing costumes - one student dressed up in a full tradition caribou clothing! Myself and two other teachers won for the teacher costume competition. We each were given a 50 dollar gift certificate to the co-op.

It was a nasty Halloween tonight here in Whale Cove. Lots of snow and high winds. However, this didn't stop the trick or treaters, we had around 100! Now thats dedication to candy!

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