Teacher in Whale Cove, Nunavut

Monday, 24 September 2012

Mom visits Whale Cove

My mom arrived on Friday at 2:30. One of the Student support assistants let me borrow her brand new F150 to pick up my mom from the airpot, which was a surprise to my mom because she thought a local was picking her up and dropping her off at the school. Anyways I picked her up and we went to the school. She got to see me in action in the classroom!

Friday night we unpacked (opened belated bday presents - thanks Jake and Mom) and had some drinks and relaxed. Mom got to try some arctic char and we also saw some beluga's off in the distance in the Hudson Bay. Saturday Mom was eager to explore so I took her all around town, we walked to the Whale Tail, down to the beach and we went to the Co-op. Then we came home played cards made carrot soup and by 3:30 we had run out of things to do. Sooo we went to the Co-op for the second time that day and walked around town again haha. Saturday night we made delicious lasagna. SO GOOD. And Susanne made me a belated birthday cake, also soo good! And again on Saturday night we had some drinks and relaxed.

Sunday was a cloudy rainy day. Mom and I went down to the school and cleaned my classroom (thanks Mom!) and played ping pong which was a blast! We got back to the house played some cards, watched a movie and again ran out of things to do soo I called Steve and he took us out on the land! Mom got to see the landscape and she got to take some amazing pictures.  We also got to see an arctic hare! So cool.

Today my mom left at 12:00pm. The visit seemed way to short! I wasn't able to leave the school to take her to the airport which really made me sad :( I had an awesome time and I'm so happy she could come up to see what it's like up here. I am so lucky/spoiled to have amazing parents that are making the trip up here to see me!

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