Teacher in Whale Cove, Nunavut

Monday, 27 August 2012

Unreal Monday!

Today was amazing! It was beautiful out, the students worked hard and I got to see the Beluga hunt! After all the students returned from lunch I was preparing them for their quiz on Thursday. Everyone was working on their review when I had a knock on the door, it was a fellow teacher. He came to tell me that hunters had caught four Beluga Whales and that I could take my students down to see the action. So we all walked down to the shore - It was about a 45 min rock climb to get to the far shore. When we had got there, the hunters had already skinned the first whale and were working on the second. The best part of the Beluga Whale for eating is the skin and the layer of fat under the skin. The hunter's cut this fatty skin layer up into slabs and then the students were cutting those up into inch sized pieces. One of the students handed me a piece to try soooo I tried it. It was weird but I could get used to it (with some rice and soya sauce preferably). It was actually quite chewy. It was an extremely exciting day. I also got news that Ill be taking the highschool students out on the land on Friday to go fishing! This has started out to be an awesome week!!

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