Teacher in Whale Cove, Nunavut

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Great Weekend!

This weekend was a very productive weekend. I got my week all planned, created some visual aids for the students in my classroom and got to know some of the staff. Friday night we played cards (because we had no television - it's kind of like being at the cottage). Saturday we were invited in for some tea (aka. beer) by one our amazing staff members! Rebecca has been teaching at the highschool for 5 years, her husband is also the RCMP office here in Whale Cove. Rebecca showed us her winter coat she had made in Whale Cove (so much warmer than the typical Canadian goose coats - also only white people where the Canada goose coat) I definitely want to get one made! the fur around the hood was silver fox, which made me a bit sad but sooo soft so kinda worth it. She also had seal skin mitts. I would actually prefer rabbit mitts but Ill take what I can get haha. Saturday night we had some fellow teachers over for a few drinks and it was really nice to get to know everyone. Today Suzannes stuff arrived so we spent the afternoon unpacking and it now looks like we run a food bank with all the food she smuggled over, which is amazing because food pricers are a bit pricey.

I have to cut this post short because we have just received word that there is a caribou leg up for the taking so I have to head over and cut it up!

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